My Soul to Keep Dak’art OFF

Come join us as we explore some of the themes in We Got Soul; We Can Heal in the works of Artist Angela Franklin.

Tired of Full Cups: Self-Care as LiberationModerated by Dr. Kyra T. Shahid, purpose doula, principal of Shahid Consulting, LLC and Director of the University of Michigan’s Trotter Multicultural Center, we will explore how the themes of self-care, healing and restoration are reflected in Angela’s work,including Drink First From a Full Cup. And in Phyllis’ We Got Soul; We Can Heal.
7:00 ESTVirtual
SOULace in the Sea: Seeing the Moon,
Hearing the Tide & Surrendering to Mami Water
Come celebrate the beginning of Cancer season, the summer solstice and June’s moon cycle with Mami Wata. Specifically, we will explore how Angela’s From the Atlantic to the Pacific, When the Water Rises I Look to Mami Wata and other related works in the My Soul to Keep Exhibition identify Mami Wata as a healing and spiritual resource as reflected in Chapter VII – “#RitualHeals – Meeting Mami Wata” in Phyllis’ recently released book – We Got Soul; We Can Heal.

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