Healing & Restorative Experiences That Integrate Culture (SOUL) & Contemplative Practices


A transformative healing resource that reflects the cultural sensibilities of the African Diaspora.

Alice Walker

Healing means putting the heart, the courage and the energy back in our bodies with our own culture.

Edwidge Danticat

The past is full of examples when our foremothers and forefathers showed such deep trust in the sea that they would jump off slave ships and let the waves embrace them. They too believed that the sea was the beginning and the end of all things, the road to freedom.


Leadership Development for Black Students

Our leadership development approach focuses on learners deepening their capacity to be self-aware, loving, inter-culturally competent leaders who practice self-care and recognize their capacity for healing, restoration, resilience and resistance so that they are able to collaborate with others in order to create change and pursue healing justice.

2019 XU Diasporic Soul Cohort presents at “The Academy’s Original Sin” Universities Studying Slavery (USS) 2019 Fall Symposium
Celebrating Our Power and Revering Our Elders
Contemplative Art w/Angela Franklin, 2019-2020 XU Artist-in-Residence
Restoring Our Connection to Nature & Elder Wisdom
Soul is Creativity & Self-Expression

Workshops & Retreats

We offer workshops and retreats that integrate SOUL (culture) and contemplative practices, including restorative yoga, ritual, contemplative art, bearing witness and spending time in nature. This includes our annual Calm in the Chaos Healing Retreat for Black Women.

Heritage Travel

Feed your Diasporic Soul and go beyond being a tourist as you learn about the importance of family, community, cuisine, commerce, history and spirituality in Senegal’s rich, thriving and vibrant culture.

Resources for Healing & Restoration

We co-create healing and restoration resources with SOUL. Most recently in response to Covid-19 and ongoing ways that white supremacy, racist violence and anti-black racism continue to harm us and to cause us injury that have resulted in what many are insisting is a racial reckoning.


We hold space for creatives and artists, educators and youth workers, organizers and change agents, and those who hope to find stillness, to heal and restore. To ground. To center. To root. To community. To restore their connections to source, to the energy that Walker speaks of, to their SOUL. To nature. To their capacity to create. To live the questions. To trust themselves, to trust the Universe. To explore, to be curious.

Our dear dear Wini, Artist-in-Residence Fall 2018

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