Lailya Leach

Lailya Leach was our first Diasporic Soul-in-Residence. In addition to learning more about Senegalese culture and feeding her Diasporic Soul, she has helped to develop and produce content for the Well-Being Wednesday and the Stopping the Clock Remembrance Ritual Series.

Lailya is a proud graduate of Florida A&M University School of Business & Industry. After graduating and working in corporate America for a few years, she decided to pursue teaching English and traveling abroad.

When she is not teaching English or creating compelling visual content for Diasporic Soul, she can be found enjoying delicious Senegalese food, taste-testing Ta Ta Phyllis’ culinary creations, watering the plants on the Tangor Guest House balcony, sitting on the Cafe terrace with Yaay, Ton Ton Eddy, working in the Cafe kitchen with Assiatou and Satta or tucked away in her room listening to podcasts, engaging Black Twitter and gaming.

It is difficult to imagine something else, another way to live if you haven’t seen it; being here in Senegal allows me to do just that – to see the world differently and imagine a life for myself beyond what I ever thought possible.

Lailya Leach|Diasporic Soul-in-Residence

Lailya’s creativity, curiosity and open heart as well as her visual acuity, HBCU-grad resourcefulness, talent for story-telling and video editing skills allowed us to co-create seven Well-Being Wednesdays sessions that were designed to provide resources for Diasporic Souls to stay grounded, centered and rooted during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic and lock downs in the US and beyond.

For which Lailya, of course, received high praise . . .

From an elder-mentor & beloved Diasporic Soul.

Currently, Lailya is working on our Stopping the Clock for Those Now Gone: A Remembrance Ritual for Black Loss, Black Love and Black Life:

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