We Got Soul; We Can Heal: A Labor Day Reflection

Like most other national holidays, Labor Day gives Black folks a day where we can celebrate our SOUL. A day or a long weekend where we can find solace at family cookouts, HBCU football classics and community events. At the same time, we might take time to reflect on our labor and our work, specificallyContinue reading “We Got Soul; We Can Heal: A Labor Day Reflection”

When Grandma Comes to Visit

I am spending my last week before I head back to Senegal for the summer in North Carolina. In New Bern. With my parents. And, my Aunt Rosanne. I get to spend time with all three of them here now, since Rosanne moved here last June. New Bern is a small river town that isContinue reading “When Grandma Comes to Visit”

Opening to Spirit: Creating an Ancestral Altar

A session that was originally part of Stopping the Clock for Those Now Gone: A Remembrance Ritual for Black Loss, Black Love & Black Life in Summer 2020 in response to covid and the state-sanctioned murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, There Was Ahmaud Arbery .

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