Detour on Rue de la Liberation

So we have been staying on the Rue de la Liberation for the last few months. Tending to our well-being.

But as you can see, even if you do not parlez vous Francais, the road has been blocked since the end of May. The timing is downright bizarre. But the cosmic shifts are for another post to be sure. Cosmic shifts, spiders and snails in fact.

But the Rue de la Liberation is not closed completely. You can still come down the street to get to the medical center.

How ironic. Being here to focus on our health. And the healing and restoration we offer others.

On the Rue de la Liberation. Only for the road to be blocked. Partially. And with access to healthcare. And a series of detours otherwise.

Unexpected detours. Deviations. Disruptions. Being directed in ways we had absolutely never imagined. And in ways we cannot see. Or understand. Not yet.

Yoga off the mat. Ishvara pranidhana. Surrender. Trust. Be faithful. THE practice. Shit shifting. Indeed.

The Rue de la Liberation is closed, partially. For now.

And when it and the train station opens again for service where will it take us? Where will we go? What will we take with us, the lessons about liberation, healing and restoration.

After the detours. And being still and surrendering. Smelling the flowers some days. In ways that really honestly, for real tho, just ain’t easy.

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