Communing with Nature

Nature is an integral part of our heritage and healing experiences. This is because, as Malidome Some notes our healing requires restoring the balance between ourselves as individuals and community and our relationship with the natural world. Similarly, in Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks asserts that collective black self-recovery includes renewing our relationship withContinue reading “Communing with Nature”

Journal Keeping – Communion with Nature

In your journal, reflect on and document the various ways you choose to connect with nature on a regular basis. Do you take time to connect or commune in or with nature? If not, why not? If you want to begin to deepen or expand your connection to nature you can use our Grounding withContinue reading “Journal Keeping – Communion with Nature”

Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga gave me a place to heal, to restore myself. It allowed me to find stillness so I could rest and renew. It allowed me to quiet my mind and begin to hear my own heart and soul and spirit. Restorative yoga allowed me to find my breath so I could feel calm andContinue reading “Restorative Yoga”

Pre-Order We Got Soul, We Can Heal

We Got Soul; We Can Heal encourages us to explore the ways in which integrating soul with contemplative practices can foster healing and restoration on both individual and collective levels. The text calls on us to expand our understanding of leadership and community interaction and impact. With years of experience in higher education and asContinue reading “Pre-Order We Got Soul, We Can Heal”

Art is healing. Co-creating a sacred ritual space for spirit and community to mingle with Gee Horton feed my SOUL. That and our shared love of hip hop. Fire by The Roots is a perfect track for the manipura chakra*energy center.

Available for Pre-Order


It might seem odd to pair the notion of surrendering to Spirit with a poem with such in-your-face and profane language. One rendered in such vehement and insist tones. However, I offer, in the spirit of our literary ancestors and those who fought for our liberation, that many of us will have to be willingContinue reading “LIBERATION & SURRENDER”


AFRICAN & AMERICAN: A conversation w/Yemi Oyediran & Phyllis Jeffers-Coly; hosted by Naimah Bilal What a pleasure it was to have a nuanced and thoughtful discussion about how our identities, cultures and capacity for healing intersect, overlap and inform each other. There were some powerful moments when our connection was so palpable. When our joyContinue reading “URBAN CONSULATE|14 SEPT 2020”

Opening to Spirit: Creating an Ancestral Altar

A session that was originally part of Stopping the Clock for Those Now Gone: A Remembrance Ritual for Black Loss, Black Love & Black Life in Summer 2020 in response to covid and the state-sanctioned murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, There Was Ahmaud Arbery .

Stopping the Clock Ritual 20 June 2020

We are Stopping the Clock to hold space for us to acknowledge our loss and honor our grief with SOUL – a transformative healing resource that reflects the cultural sensibilities of the African Diaspora. As we collectively face a pandemic disproportionately affecting Black folks and “racism [that] is as pernicious as ever” (Roxana Gay, TheContinue reading “Stopping the Clock Ritual 20 June 2020”

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