Heritage Heals: Waking Up to Chief Mike

I woke up the other morning to a voice that felt like home, an accent, one that I typically recognize and know very clearly. I knew immediately the speaker, Chief Michael Jacobs, was from North Carolina. But, at the same time I was confused because he was in conversation with the host of a CBCContinue reading “Heritage Heals: Waking Up to Chief Mike”

A Restorative Practice|25 February 2023

A Restorative Practice for Black Folks Who Decided that High-Effort Coping and High Stepping Were No Longer Enuf Feb 25, 2023 5:00 p.m EST & 10:00 pm GMT|Senegal (Join Here) We are celebrating Blackness and signifying SOUL with this offering at dusk as the sun sets on the East Coast of the US with theContinue reading “A Restorative Practice|25 February 2023”

Happy New Year!

Well, shit, it is the first Monday of the year. Lord, have mercy. Nobody wants go back to work. But, alas, we must do what must do. Even though Mars and Mercury are in retrograde. Neptune too, I think. And, a full moon is just days away, lurking, threatening to open us to all thatContinue reading “Happy New Year!”

Black. Dope. All Good.

Our third Black. Dope. & All Good. Communal Healing Retreat for Black Men was held on Saturday, 23 April 2022. As a Diasporic Soul Heritage and Healing Experience, the retreat integrated SOUL (culture) and contemplative practices to deepen the capacity of our participants to experience healing and restoration. Informed with the understanding that our individualContinue reading “Black. Dope. All Good.”

We Got Soul: The Homecoming Edition

Join us as we celebrate the release of We Got Soul: We Can Heal: Overcoming Racial Trauma Through Leadership, Community and Resilience by Phyllis Jeffers-Coly, a proud NC-native who was born in Greensboro and raised in Raleigh. Phyllis is a North Carolina Central University graduate and Founder & Owner of Diasporic Soul, which offers heritageContinue reading “We Got Soul: The Homecoming Edition”

Neyedaye to Nebi: A Friend’s Culinary Journey

My dear long-time friend Levita came to Senegal this summer for her Diasporic Soul Heritage and Healing experience. Today, she is returning to work after the extended Thanksgiving weekend to share her experience with her co-workers and colleagues. She organized her workshop presentation around the idea of how her pilgrimage would be reflected in aContinue reading “Neyedaye to Nebi: A Friend’s Culinary Journey”

We Got Soul! We Feel Good!

Our heritage and healing experiences integrate culture and contemplative practices that foster healing and restoration, resilience and resistance. #AffirmationHeals

Communing with Nature

Nature is an integral part of our heritage and healing experiences. This is because, as Malidome Some notes our healing requires restoring the balance between ourselves as individuals and community and our relationship with the natural world. Similarly, in Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks asserts that collective black self-recovery includes renewing our relationship withContinue reading “Communing with Nature”

Journal Keeping – Communion with Nature

In your journal, reflect on and document the various ways you choose to connect with nature on a regular basis. Do you take time to connect or commune in or with nature? If not, why not? If you want to begin to deepen or expand your connection to nature you can use our Grounding withContinue reading “Journal Keeping – Communion with Nature”

Art is healing. Co-creating a sacred ritual space for spirit and community to mingle with Gee Horton fed my SOUL. That and our shared love of hip hop. Fire by The Roots is a perfect track for the manipura chakra*energy center.

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