Stopping the Clock for Those Now Gone: A Remembrance Ritual for Black Loss, Black Love and Black Life

7-Week Stopping the Clock Series Access Here

We are Stopping the Clock to hold space for us to acknowledge our loss and honor our grief with SOUL – a transformative healing resource that reflects the cultural sensibilities of the African Diaspora.

As we collectively face a pandemic disproportionately affecting Black folks and “racism [that] is as pernicious as ever” (Roxana Gay, The New York Times) we are offering a Remembrance Ritual for Black Loss, Black Love and Black Lives. In this sacred ritual space, we can acknowledge our sorrow and pain. Our heartache and heartbreak. We can allow ourselves to be still long enough to truly feel exactly what it is we are feeling. We can remember those we have lost. And, what we have lost. We can mourn and grieve. Weep and wail. Cry and moan. We can recognize our capacity for healing and restoration, resilience and resistance. We are holding space for community, compassion and connection. And, love.

20 June 2020

2:00 p.m. PST

5:00 p.m. EST

9:00 p.m. GMT


Ritual Leaders:

Angela Franklin, Multi-Media Artist and Founder|Owner of Chez Alpha Books (Dakar)

Dr. Nana Lawson Bush, Traditional African Priest Chair, Pan-African Studies Cal State-Los Angeles BELG Board Member

Dr. Kyra Shahid, Director Stained Glass Initiative & Center for Diversity & Inclusion Xavier University Anti-Black-Racism & Epistemic Violence (2018)|Author BELG Board Member

Phyllis Jeffers-Coly, Co-Founder & Co-Owner Diasporic Soul

Ritual Team Members

Adrian Parker, Vocalist Ph.D. Student Miami University Educational Leadership 2018 Diasporic Soul Cohort Member

Taylor Azi Zachary Composer & Musician Independent Author & Interviewer 2018 Diasporic Soul Cohort Member

Lailya Leech Diasporic Soul-in-Residence Videographer and Video Editor

Eddy Coly, Co-Owner & Co-Founder, Diasporic Soul