Tangor Café

Tangor Café  is a peaceful place where guests can enjoy outdoor dining under our mango tree on our beautiful plant-filled terrace.  It is a great place to rendezvous with friends, relax, surf the internet, or just watch the world pass by.  Come join us for music, food and beautiful surroundings that feed your @DiasporicSoul

Tangor Café’s offerings for Petit Déjeuner, Déjeuner and Dîner include:

Plat du Jour

We offer lunch daily that includes both Senegalese cuisine and other fare, including sandwiches, chicken and pizza.

Poulet Entier au Motier  – a whole or half chicken marinated in and packed with (literally in pockets cut in the chicken)  spices served with salad and a side.  Sides based on seasonal availability  can include black-eyed peas, okra, green beans, zucchini, or eggplant.    Sandwich options, hot, with the ever-present Senegalese sauce de onion, and a cold version featuring a lime|cilantro mayo, are both also available.

Fataya Complete – a meat-filled (beef) pocket of fried dough that is served with an egg, fries and condiments.   Those who enjoy samosas or empanadas will enjoy our fatayas.

Nem – a meat-filled (lamb) Senegalese egg roll that defies explanation served with a “HOT” sauce and salad to cool your mouth (really).

Additional sandwich options include a Jambon, Cheese and Tomate Sandwich served with a Salad de Fruits, which is a turkey ham, cheese and tomato sandwich served with fruit, as well as a Sandwich Omelet, which is an egg and cheese sandwich served with tomato and a side of fries or a side of fresh fruit.  Hamburgers and hotdogs are also available.  Of course, we offer a variety of hot and cold beverages as well as ice cream treats.


We are also committed to creating vegetarian albeit not necessarily vegan meal options for our guests that reflect the food produced locally in Sebikhotane, where we are located, and Senegal overall.

Participants in our Diasporic Soul training and education programs at the Tangor Guest House will also have the opportunity to learn more about Senegalese cuisine and culture during meals in the Guest House and on our various excursions.   Senegal’s national dish, Theibu Jenn, and other local fare, while typically not offered on the Tangor Café menu  will be served to visitors to the Tangor Guest House as a part of their curated experience.