Bearing Witness: Black Creatives on Healing, Restoration, Resilience & Resistance

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Black creatives discuss how they use their creativity to bear witness to our grief and lament as well as our collective capacity for healing & restoration, resilience & resistance

In spite of our pain and anguish, we continue to find ways to express our SOUL, to be creative, to make, to imagine, to co-create, to find joy and beauty in our lives. Black creatives continue to bear witness to our grief and pain with beauty. They use their creative gifts and talents to bear witness to our need to grieve, to weep, to moan and to experience catharsis while simultaneously “showing us what’s goin’ on

Black creatives are “way-shower[s] through the shadowlands.” They adeptly and adroitly “alchemize fear into a higher vision, pain into possibility, loneliness into community.” Their creativity “weave[s] together our potential” and offers us reassurance and guidance. Black creatives provide us with ways to see “righted new realities.” At the same time, they bear witness to the urgent and pressing declarations and demands for freedom, liberation and justice.

Black creatives bear witness to our our capacity to nourish and heal. They bear witness to our capacity for restoration and resilience. They too bear witness to our capacity for resistance.


Angela Franklin
Multi-Media Artist
Jocelyn Robinson
Digital Story Teller

Levita Mondie Culinary Artist
Gee Horton
Visual Artist

Napoleon Maddox
Playwright, Poet, Musician & Radio Host
Ese Obrimah
Film Maker

Yetunde Sapp
Visual Artist

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