News & Updates – Winter|Spring 2018


Diasporic Soul hosted two staff members from Xavier University in December. Dr. Kyra Shahid, Associate Director, Center for Diversity and Inclusion and Staff and Co-Chair of the President’s Working Group on Xavier’s Connection with Slavery.  And Audrey Callaway, Senior Designer and member of the President’s Diversity and Inclusion Action and Advisory Council.

During their site visit, Shahid and Calloway learned how Diasporic Soul’s transformative leadership development experience aligns with the University’s race and reconciliation efforts. Specifically, how a Diasporic Soul experience allows learners to further their capacity to heal and be self-aware, loving, inter-culturally competent leaders who practice self-care as they collaborate with others to create change and pursue social justice.

Spending time with members of our beloved community; experiencing teranga – Senegalese hospitality and enjoying numerous aspects of Senegalese culture, including eating Senegalese cuisine at Tangor Café.


Visiting the African Renaissance Monument and Goree Island: recognizing and reflecting on our shared history and heritage. Creating space to celebrate our collective resilience and our capacity to heal.

IMG_9385 2
The Door of No Return|Maison des Esclaves|Goree Island| Senegal


Learning about Senegalese spirituality and faith, enjoying art and music, journaling and practicing yoga daily, with an particular emphasis on restorative yoga for resilience, for renewal, reflection, healing, self-care, self-study and greater self-awareness.


Shopping for fabric in Rufisque, having fittings and design consultations with one of our local tailors and taking outfits home, learning about the significance of couture to the Senegalese culture and economy while allowing for self-expression.


Calm in the Chaos

We continue to prepare for our upcoming retreat, Calm in the Chaos: A Healing Retreat for Black Women, which is scheduled for March 24-29.   The retreat will include daily yoga practice with a particular emphasis on restorative yoga.

Supported Child’s Pose







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