Accommodations – Tangor Guest House


The Tangor Guest House, which is our warm, welcoming, safe and comfortable home located in Sebikhotane, Dakar, Senegal provides lodging for all of our Heritage and Healing Experiences.

We also offer short-term stays for individuals who may be looking for a friendly place to land in Senegal before they venture off on their own.

In addition to our spacious guest rooms (double occupancy) featuring beautiful, locally-crafted furniture,  Tangor Guest House accommodations include:

An open living area for dining and hanging out that opens out onto the balcony.

A balcony overlooking the plant-filled lower-level terrace that can be used for small group convening or a place to hang out.

Guests share a large dormitory-style bathroom with two shower stalls and two toilets.

Tangor Cafe’s large lower level plant-filled terrace is where we serve meals to our guests and where they can grab a beverage or ice cream and enjoy sitting under the mango tree at their leisure.


Where We are Located

Sebikhotane is the perfect place to experience Senegal, a place rich with the sights and sounds of everyday Senegalese life.  Morning will welcome you with the sunrise calls to prayers, roosters crowing and birds chirping, soon to be followed later by the sounds of uniformed children heading off to school, the 7:30 a.m. train whistling on it’s way to Rufisque and Dakar,  horse and mule hoofs clattering on the road as well as the sight  of grazing goats and roaming sheep.

Sebikhotane is a vibrant growing rural-suburban enclave located a short 32 kilometers from Senegal’s capital city, Dakar.  Sebi, as it is called, has become one of the most-desirable places to live in the Dakar region.  Housing starts continue to flourish and the population continues to grow to meet the needs of the recently opened new national airport and business hub.

Guests can feel free to walk to local businesses and enjoy long peaceful walks among the area’s accessible farmland and respective neighborhoods.  But, don’t let the expansive farmland and the unpaved side streets fool you.

Reflecting the area’s rapid growth and long-standing communities, commerce, trade and civic life are flourishing in Sebikhotane. Taking a stroll will find you among a myriad of schools, mosques, soccer fields, civic and government units, tailors, couture shops (dress makers), implement shops, welders, carpenters, mechanics, shoe cobblers, pharmacies barbers, window makers, food and produce vendors,  cell phone and money wiring services known here as multi-service providers.  As well as a daily market for fresh fruits and vegetables where the frantic energy rivals any marketplace in the world.

A beautiful morning walk in Sebikhotane.

Why Tangor Guest House?


Tangor is the Sebi neighborhood where the traditional family compound of Eddy’s maternal grandmother is located.  He spent many summers there as a child by her side.  Thus, it is no surprise that Tangor holds a very special place in his heart.  Currently, it is home to our extended family,  including the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Eddy’s grandmother, who are, in Senegalese culture, ultimately considered to be our children.   In fact, much of the recent updates and renovations to our home were completed by the young men of the family.

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