Communing with Nature

Nature is an integral part of our heritage and healing experiences. This is because, as Malidome Some notes our healing requires restoring the balance between ourselves as individuals and community and our relationship with the natural world.

Similarly, in Sisters of the Yam, bell hooks asserts that collective black self-recovery includes renewing our relationship with the earth, remembering the way of our ancestors, recognizing that the earth and our bodies are sacred. Doing so is a challenge in part because“the modern world is de-naturalized,” and earth-honoring indigenous practices and nature herself are perceived to be in the way of progress and advancement.

Communing with nature can be as simple as sitting with her, on a hillside, under a tree, in a park, next to an open window, on a rooftop and becoming aware of her with all your senses and with deep reverence, gratitude and respect for her power and her gifts.

Eddy is aka “Professor Onion Sauce” is our lead nature educator. Here, he explaining the fauna of the Sine Saloum mangrove.

Beneath an ancient fromager tree.
Nature Heals. Plant medicine w/our brother Pape Sily.
Nature is sacred. Somone Lagune.

“So when I think about the baobab tree and trees in general before going to Senegal. I believed trees had power, I read about it; heard talks about it. This green lady, I read about these things. But after going to Senegal [for me believing] moved into the knowing.”

“I felt indescribable connections to the baobab trees every single time I would see one; I felt energy when peering into the opening of them.”


Need ideas on how you might integrate nature into your self-care and well-being practices.

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