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Diasporic Soul Heritage & Healing Experiences allow youth to deepen their capacity to be self-aware, loving, inter-culturally competent leaders who practice self-care and recognize their capacity for healing, restoration, resilience and resistance so that they are able to collaborate with others in order to create change and pursue healing justice.

Our Diasporic Soul Heritage & Healing Experiences integrate SOUL (culture) and contemplative practices, including stillness-based yoga, healing rituals, contemplative arts, bearing witness, beholding and reflective journaling.

The Diasporic Soul Heritage & Healing Experience in Senegal is a transformative and liberatory study abroad opportunity for students that for many is a pilgrimage, a return to an ancestral home. The Diasporic Soul Heritage & Healing Experience in Senegal’s vibrant and dynamic culture allows learners to access and engage in cultural and contemplative resources and practices that foster their well-being.

I wish I had my Diasporic Soul Experience before I became BSA president because I would have done some things differently.

I’ve never experienced healing like this before,  so natural, fulfilling and intimate. I was able to find and fill in some of the missing pieces and gaps in my life –  my heritage, culture and roots.

My Diasporic Soul Experience was a salve for wounds I didn’t fully realize know I had.

Learn more about the impact of Samiyah’s Diasporic Soul Experience.

The trip opened my mind up to how many different ways I can lead. That as students we have so much power in our voice and I think that students need to keep on fighting and showing up for things that we say we believe in.

[The Diasporic Soul] experience changes lives; it changed the lives of everyone here; everyone of us has grown and grown beyond measure. We have confidence in who we are, in our ability to excel in no matter what space we are in. We are also impacting others, so the University’s investment in the Diasporic Soul experience is also an investment in everlasting growth.

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