Who We Are

Diasporic Soul is a “yes, yes y’all” to members of the African Diaspora from us, two members of the African Diaspora who found one another and had the audacity to fall in love in spite of our cultural differences.  We love each other.  And, we love Black people. Our soul. Our swagger. Our sabor. Our joie de vivre. Our creativity and ingenuity.  Our differences and diversity.  Our spirit of resilience and resistance.


Thus, we created Diasporic Soul.

What We Do:

Diasporic Soul curates travel experiences in Senegal, West Africa that foster greater inter-cultural understanding, leadership development and personal growth.

We collaborate with organizations and institutions to organize, design, and deliver education and training experiences that center on learning about Senegal’s culture, people, and history via excursions throughout the Dakar region and beyond as well as yoga and meditation, guided reflection, facilitated debriefs, and casual interaction with our family, neighbors and members of our extended Senegalese community.

Senegal offers a unique opportunity to visit a thriving and dynamic West African country with a rich history and culture.  Senegal offers visitors the chance to learn how the histories and cultures of West Africa and the Americas intersect and inform each other.  Senegal is an optimal location to explore a culture where Christian, Muslim and traditional spiritual practices co-exist and flourish.  Senegal’s culture is one that includes a culinary experience that is informed by it’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, North Africa and it’s longstanding, albeit colonial, relationship with France. And, Senegal offers a glimpse at the current realities of a continent where continued economic growth led by a large population of young people is expected.

While our doors are open to all, we are especially invested in holding space for and serving youth and students from diverse backgrounds as well as social justice organizers and activists, artists and cultural workers, youth workers and educators, and helpers and healers.

Similarly, we provide curated experiences for families, individuals and small groups.

Diasporic Soul provides lodging and retreat space for our visitors at the Tangor Guest House and we provide casual dining for our guests and members of the community at the Tangor Café, which are both are located in Sebikhotane, Dakar, Senegal.  Our five-acre farm is also incorporated into the experiences we design for our guests.