Praise for Calm in the Chaos

Highly Recommended.

Sharita|Washington, DC

My Calm in the Chaos Retreat experience was the epitome of bliss! New friends, new words, new loves – SENEGAL, new foods, new experiences, new art and most importantly new CONNECTIONS – Phyllis, Eddy, Looky and Pops!! Thanks to you all for sharing your home, your hearts, your knowledge, your brilliance and your love! I couldn’t think of a better way to be embraced for the first time by Mother Africa!! 🖤🖤🖤

Nicole|Washington, DC

My Calm in Chaos Retreat experience was truly amazing. I came expecting one thing and left feeling that I really want to learn more about African culture and my ancestors and how both have so much influence on who we are and what interests us. I felt loved, supported and cared for. As black woman, it was very comforting being around other black women who can relate to the plight of black women trying to juggle it all with family and business without forsaking our sanity. The Calm in Chaos Retreat was a much needed retreat that gave me tools when I become fatigued, anxious, concerned, and restless.

Amanda|Washington, DC

I felt at home in Senegal in a way I had never before. There was a relief I experienced that I was unaware my heart/soul/mind/body was looking for. I was at home. There was a connectedness I didn’t know I needed to feel until I felt it in Senegal.

Sharing meals elbow to elbow, thigh to thigh and spoon to spoon was somehow magical. I was able to laugh from my belly unabashedly. We got to let our hair down and comfortably share stories that lifted the weight of daily micro-aggressions that black women face in the workforce, grocery store and daily exchanges with folks who don’t look a thing like us. This experience was a salve for wounds I didn’t fully realize know I had.

Carmalita|Ohio & California

Visiting historically significant sites and immersing in important parts of Senegalese culture was particularly special aspect of our Calm in the Chaos Retreat experience because of the context, expertise, and dual cultural perspective provided by Phyllis and Eddy. Eddy’s experience being from Senegal and living in the US, and Phyllis, vice versa, allowed the two of you both to communicate and us to more easily understand the parallels and distinctions between Black American and Senegalese culture.  Eddy’s cultural connection also made everyday interactions far more efficient, ensuring that we safely and easily accessed what we needed and wanted, and respectfully immersed in an authentic cultural experience.

Shannon|New York

My outfit is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Greta|Washington, DC
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