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Passionately and enthusiastically centering and celebrating Blackness with the yes, yes ya’ll energy of classic 1990s-era hip hop, We Got Soul calls on us to explore the ways that integrating SOUL (culture) and contemplative practices can allow us to lead and live in ways that are healing and restorative. For us both individually and collectively.   Rich with a mix of creative, humorous and spirited wordplay, loving encouragement and the hard-won insights and heart wisdom of a seasoned elder-mentor-teacher living in Senegal, West Africa, We Got Soul offers us relevant and valuable resources that will allow us to meet this moment full on.  Bumping up against contemporary wellness practices and long-standing leadership development approaches that completely ignore our SOUL and its transformative and healing power, We Got Soul challenges us to change what we think we know about leadership. By grounding us in the knowledge, cultural and contemplative, that comes from the wisdom and insights of our hearts, bodies, minds and spirits, We Got Soul offers us the opportunity to truly deepen our capacity to lead with the courage, love and energy we need to pursue and make lasting change in our lives, our communities and the world. 

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