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Diasporic Soul provides short-term study abroad in Senegal, West Africa that fosters leadership development and inter-cultural competence.

A short-term study abroad experience in Senegal with Diasporic Soul provides learners with the opportunity  to deepen their leadership self-awareness as well as their capacity to be thoughtful and reflective leaders who are able to successfully navigate a diverse, dynamic world with curiosity and open-mindedness about cultures and communities similar and different from their own.

Diasporic Soul provides learners with opportunities to understand how the histories and cultures of West Africa and the Americas intersect and inform each other.  They will see many of these historic and contemporary intersections as they engage with and learn about various aspects Senegalese culture and society such as art and music, food and cuisine, gender and family roles, sports, business and commerce, fashion, and religion and spirituality in Senegalese society.


Our experiences include travel within and around the Dakar-region of Senegal, including Goree Island, the Medina and Plateau sections of Center City Dakar, the Renaissance Monument, the Iles de Madeline and Samone Lagoon national parks, Lac Rose, and local markets.  Students will have ample opportunity to interact public officials, educators, cultural workers and youth as well as with local residents of Sebikhotane as they learn more about daily life and culture in Senegal.


Diasporic Soul holds space for our guests to process and reflect on what they are experiencing and learning. We recognize that traveling abroad, navigating a new culture and learning experientially require us to be grounded, centered and self-aware.   Therefore, our itineraries include guided reflections and opportunities to debrief we as well as yoga and mindfulness practice.

BADGE IT!                                                                                                                                          

We are committed to supporting connected learners who want to take their learning and personal growth well beyond the formal educational pipeline. Therefore, Diasporic Soul issues digital badges that connected learners can use to communicate the knowledge, skills and character qualities they have to others, including educational institutions, community organizations, colleagues and employers.  Our badges are aligned with the AAC&U Intercultural Knowledge and Competence Rubric and the dominant student development models, including the Social Change Model and the Exemplary Leadership Practices.

Our badges can be easily presented via social networks such as LinkedIn, electronic portfolios, resumes and co-curricular transcripts.

Learn more about open digital badging and connecting credentials.


We come to this work inspired and informed by our experiences as Diasporic Souls with our combined experience in youth development, higher education, workforce development and corporate training.

Further, our work is influenced by historic and contemporary movements for social justice as well as the Social Change Leadership Model (7Cs), the Guiding Principles of the National Clearinghouse of Leadership Programs, The Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships Framework,  the Global Competency Framework and Rubrics created by the Asia Society in collaboration with the Council of Chief State School Officers and the AACU’s Value Rubric for Intercultural Knowledge and Competency

Additionally, we are committed to increasing the number of Black youth and other young people of color as well as those from under-served communities who have the opportunity to study abroad and experience international travel.  We are also invested in increasing the number of students and young people who travel to and within the continent of Africa.

Diasporic Soul offers a unique and important short-term study abroad experience for #generationstudyabroad.


Contact us so we can begin curating a Diasporic Soul training and education experience that allows your students to develop their inter-cultural awareness and leadership self-awareness in ways that creatively allow you to meet your curricular outcomes, program goals or learning objectives.