Digital Badges

DIASPORIC SOUL issues digital badges via Credly to learners who complete our short-term study abroad experience in Senegal, West Africa.  

Badges, are a digital credential designed to acknowledge learning and achievements that happen anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. Open Badges embed metadata describing an accomplishment into an image (or badge), this construct results in easily consumable data and ultimately a truly portable credential. Badges can be microcredentials but also any type of credential including degrees and certifications. 

Our badges are aligned with learning outcomes informed by the AACU Inter-cultural Competence and Knowledge Rubric, the Social Change Leadership Model (7Cs), and our extensive youth, student and work-force development experience.



Leadership|Inter-cultural Awareness – Curiosity

Leadership|Well-Being|Self-Care                                                                     Leadership|Inter-cultural Awareness – Openness
Leadership|Inter-cultural Awareness – Communication & Engagement
Leadership|Inter-cultural Awareness – Understanding Cultural Complexities
Leadership|Inter-cultural Awareness – Empathy

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