Bearing Witness: Black Creatives on Healing, Restoration, Resilience & Resistance

Click Here to Join via Zoom ID: 840 2676 3963Passcode: BlackArt FacebookLIVE @DiasporicSoul Black creatives discuss how they use their creativity to bear witness to our grief and lament as well as our collective capacity for healing & restoration, resilience & resistance In spite of our pain and anguish, we continue to find ways toContinue reading “Bearing Witness: Black Creatives on Healing, Restoration, Resilience & Resistance”

Stopping the Clock – Breathwork For Grief

In this session, the second in our Stopping the Clock for Those Now Gone series, we are tapping into ways that breath can open us up and allow us to release some of the grief and loss being so tightly held in our bodies. How the breath can be restorative as we experience heartache andContinue reading “Stopping the Clock – Breathwork For Grief”

Communion: Cooking & Gardening to Celebrate Those Now Gone

Food is one way that we might honor, celebrate and connect with those now gone and the community of family and friends who love them. Long-time culinary artist and Memphis native Levita Mondie, Owner of Vita’s Vegan Ventures, finds communion with those now gone, specifically her mom and grandmother both in the kitchen and moreContinue reading “Communion: Cooking & Gardening to Celebrate Those Now Gone”


#MusicHEALS is the first of our seven Stop the Clock series that follows our 20 June 2020 Remembrance Ritual

Acknowledging Grief

Grief keeps coming up for and coming for me. It has, honestly, been a part of my experience moving to Senegal and starting a new life here. In part, I imagine, because in spite of how much I work and do here, there is much more room for me to be still, to see whatContinue reading “Acknowledging Grief”

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