Healing means putting the heart, the courage and the energy back in our bodies with our own culture.


HEALING-centered leadership development

We hold space for Black students to deepen their capacity for self-awareness, self-care, healing and restoration, resilience and resistance. -Learn More

Heritage Travel

Book a Diasporic Soul experience where heritage and healing meet. During your time with us, you will feed your Diasporic Soul and go beyond being a tourist as you learn about the importance of family, community, art, music, cuisine, commerce, history and spirituality in Senegal’s rich, thriving and vibrant culture. Our healing-centered heritage travel experiences include our Calm in the Chaos Healing Retreat for Black Women and our Family, Friends and Kinfolk experiences.

Diasporic Soul-in-Residence

An extended opportunity for Diasporic Souls to deepen thier capacity for healing and restoration and resilience as and to explore the ways that they might contribute to our capacity for indivicual and collective liberation. Designed for those who have had a prior Diasporic Soul Heritage and Healing Experience.