Finding Peace of Mind . . .

I hope you find some peace of mind . . .

under trees that touch the heavens

on yoga mats covered with blankets and bolsters to support you

on the shore, connecting to Mami Wata

in community where you know you belong and are deeply deeply loved and supported

feeling, sensing, knowing the divine, the seen and the unseen

in places where you can laugh and cry

in ways where you can surrender let go of your need to control everything

in ways where you are able to experience curiosity, awe, joy, magic and happiness

I hope you find peace of mind; I hope you can experience healing and restoration, knowing though that healing does not have to be a complete resolution of our symptoms. Healing can come in all forms. It can be acceptance, it can be learning, or it can be simply feeling good in your own skin regardless of what is going on.

on this holiday that celebrates a movement, resistance and the insistence on our innate dignity and worth.

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