Heritage & Healing Experience for Black Professionals

Informed by what we know about race-based stress and trauma and the impact of white supremacy, anti-Black racism and epistemic violence on our lives individually and collectively, our Summer 2022 Heritage and Healing Experience in Senegal integrates cultural (SOUL) and contemplative practices to deepen your capacity for healing and restoration, resilience and resistance.

Before we were anything else as Black folks we were African.

“Spiritual” African Giant. Burna Boy.

Centering Blackness and focusing on SOUL, a transformative healing resource that reflects the cultural sensibilities of the African Diaspora (Harper), our Summer 2022 Heritage & Healing Experience will allow you to be a more self-aware leader who is able to adapt to and engage in disruption courageously and confidently. It is also designed to allow you to improve your self-care practice as you continue to serve and support others who themselves are navigating, challenging and/or finding ways to flourish in spite systems of oppression.

Further, this professional development experience allows participants to recognize cultural and contemplative resources that can inform the way they approach Black student development, pedagogy and program design and delivery. It can, in fact, serve as a site visit for those who are considering the ways in that Diasporic Soul healing-centered leadership development experiences can be offered to the students, young people, creatives, campuses and communities they serve.

Bring in the love; let the healing begin.

“Energy.” Energy. Sampa the Great



Pilgrimages to Goree & Carabane Islands

Traditional Rituals

Movement Practices

Senegalese Cuisine

The Museum of Black Civilizations

The African Renaissance Monument

Senegalese Art & Couture

Stillness Practices

Meeting Mami Wata

Fishing & Farming Villages

Connecting to Nature & Spirit

Daily Debriefs|Guided Reflections

PRICING: $2750

Discounts are available for community-based non-profits.

Includes Pre-Trip Orientation & Post-Trip Debrief, Accommodations (Double Occupancy), On-Site Meals, Ground Transportation, Guided Excursions, Roundtrip Airfare to Casamace, Diasporic Soul Tee Shirt, Journal and Learning Materials, including a copy of We Got Soul; We Can Heal (Jeffers-Coly 2022) & Transcendent Wisdom and Transformative Action: Reflections from Black Contemplatives Special Edition The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry (Electronic PDF)

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