We Got Soul, We Can Heal (The Book)

Centering and celebrating Blackness, We Got Soul, We Can Heal calls on us to explore the ways that integrating SOUL (culture) and contemplative practices can deepen our capacity for self-care, healing and restoration. For us both individually and collectively. We Got Soul, We Can Heal offers us relevant and valuable healing resources, cultural and contemplative. In addition to reminding us what we know about race-based stress and trauma, We Got Soul, We Can Heal calls on us to celebrate and embrace our SOUL and its transformative and healing power in order to change what we believe about ourselves and our capacity to change the world. Jeffers-Coly offers us a rich mix of creative, humorous and spirited wordplay along with loving encouragement and the hard-won insights and heart wisdom of a seasoned elder-mentor-teacher living in Senegal, West Africa and the United States.

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About the Author

Phyllis Jeffers-Coly (CYT-600) is an author, heritage and healing practitioner and Diasporic Soul. She and her husband, Eddy Coly, founded Diasporic Soul, which offers heritage and healing experiences for Black people that integrate culture and contemplative practices, including communal healing retreats and pilgrimages to Senegal, West Africa.

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